The company ALIAZ - ocelové konstrukce spol. s r.o. was set up on 27/6/1991 as the successor organisation to the concern Agrostav Liberec. Thus the tradition of producing steel constructions stretches back to the 1970s, allowing the company to build an irreplaceable place on today’s market in this field. Evidence of this is the growth in orders met and the increase in turnover.

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"Our main activity is the production of atypical steel constructions with a special focus on manufacturing and sports facilities, car showrooms, logistics centres, shopping centres and similar." – Company director Zdeněk Pešek


The company works with the most up-to-date, world renowned 3D construction software Xsteel (now Tekla). This software makes use for the processing of projects all the workshop and assembly drawings, as a result of which each proposed 3D model contains individual drawings and the associated material lists. In other words, Xsteel software covers the whole process from the proposal itself through to resolving the details, production and assembly of steel elements. The result is thus a comprehensive and integrated output. If there are changes involved, these are processed into the original 3D model which then generates the relevant revised drawings. This is all worked on by a team of properly qualified technicians and constructors. Another undoubted advantage of the Xsteel software is the possibility of precisely processing a project to the requirements of the client. At the same time if the client wants then they can have access to the proposed model, by viewing it with an internet browser or in the form of a video projection, during which the client can view the whole model from every possible angle. The client also obtains a CD-ROM with the created model.


For more flexible communication within our company we work in a production management information system. This ICT at the same time makes communication with clients easier, as they have access with a generated password. Thus each client has unrestricted access to their project. To make this process simpler the entire ICT is placed on our website.


Our sister organisation is the company OK-STEEL s.r.o., with which we have been cooperating for a number of years. This company guarantees the quality of the manufacturing and subsequent assembly, for which it undergoes annual certification at the company headquarters. Custom welding is carried out on automated and semi-automated welding machines in a protective atmosphere with a mixture of gases. The methods used for welding are labelled 111, 131, 135, 141 and 311. At the same time a new plasma welding facility which has created further opportunities for the development and improvement of production efficiency.



The certificates provided by the certification company TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. are a guarantee of the quality and consistency of our production and assembly of steel constructions.


Certificates acquired:

  • EN 1090 - 1:2009
  • ČSN EN ISO 3834 - 2:2006
  • ČSN EN-729 - 2:1996 – Higher quality requirements
  • Approval of Welding Process WPQR for S355J2G3